Game Rules

The Marble Game!
Official Rules

The goal is to be the first player to lose all your marbles.
There must be four players. Each player starts with 5 marbles.
The first player drops a marble in the center of the game to start.
All players hit with the swinging paddles or blow* on the marble to try to keep it out of their own pit and get it into an opponent’s pit. (The “pit” is the gutter area just behind each players paddles.)
When the marble goes into a players pit, it must be added to their own marble stash. (A player’s “stash”, is the corner pocket to their right.)
Then, the next player to the left drops a marble from his stash into the center to start the next round.
Players continues to take turns until one player has no more marbles, thus winning the game.

Starting with 5 marbles is standard, but for shorter games, each player can start with 3 or 4 marbles.
The correct size of marble for this game is 16mm or ⅝”. Smaller marbles will slide through the spaces between the paddles and the stash wall.
For child safety, marbles can be a choking hazard. Please keep them from children 4 and under.
There is one large marble included with the game that can be used to keep track of whose turn it is. The players simply pass the large marble to the next player after the end of each round of play. The next player puts the big marble into their stash and continues play.

Game play:
When starting a round, the player must drop the marble straight down over the center of the game board. It is not allowed to toss the marble angled towards an opponent’s pit or your own paddles.
After a marble is “in play”, players can not touch the marble. If a player does touch a marble “in play”, that player must keep that marble and add it to their stash. (For example, a player’s thumbs may be too low on the paddle knobs and block the space between the paddles and a marble hits them.)
Sometimes a marble will bounce up and off the playing surface. If the marble lands back into the game in a players pit without being touched by anyone or anything outside of the game, then that player must keep the marble. If the marble goes off the game completely or hits a player, or falls into a players marble stash, then it is a “Do-Over” and the marble is re-dropped back into the middle of the game. Any player who picks up the marble can re-drop in into the game. (This is one reason why it is helpful to use the big marble as the place keeper as described in the “Marbles” section of the rules above.)
Sometimes, a fast moving marble will go into a players pit and spin right back out onto the game board. If that happens with no one touching it, then the marble is STILL “in play” and the round continues.

*YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BLOW ON THE MARBLE! Blow the marble away when its moving towards your pit or, blow it into an opponents pit as they are trying to blow it away! (The action of players blowing the marble against each other is ALWAYS funny! Try it and you’ll see!)

The basic rule on blowing is to remain seated.